AnotherBoomerBlog’s Quiz for Hearies

I’ve been meaning to reblog this for some time. It’s humorous and educational at the same time – and that’s a rare combination.

D.  If I come to your restaurant and mention I am HoH do you:

  1. Quickly get me a braille menu?
  2. Get me a wheelchair?
  3. Get me a pen and paper?
  4. Get me a menu, then face me when you talk to me and speak distinctly?

Here’s the link to Marsha’s Page.

I’ll add the obligatory essay question.

1) In 500 words – Do Deaf schizophrenics hear their voices in ASL?


We Spend More on Prisons than Schools – From AlterNet

Image courtesy of via AlterNet.

You might find this article a bit partisan, but there is some very interesting information buried in it. It’s a reblog from AlterNet. Please let me know what you think.

Why do people steal in order to buy drugs? For starters, most are poor and will stay that way because as a society we have failed to create an inclusive full-employment economy. Instead we genuflect to Social Darwinism, hoping that the jobs for all will miraculously appear from the private sector, and if they don’t, then it must be your fault if you don’t have a job. Second, drug prices are vastly inflated due to price subsidies disguised as drug enforcement. Every dollar spent on the vast apparatus that attempts to enforce prohibition drives up the price of drugs and the amount of crime related to drug use.

The writers pose the question why does the U.S. spend more money on prisons than on higher education, and answers with the author’s top 6 reasons.

English: Graph demonstrating the incarcerated ...

English: Graph demonstrating the incarcerated population relative to the general population. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Innocent deaf woman spends 60 hours in jail without interpreter – From Prisonmovent’s Weblog


Prisonmovement’s Weblog

This story is reblogged from Prisonmovement’s Weblog. It is more on the story of Lashonn White, a story we covered on August 8th.


“I mean imagine—all I did was come running, wave my hands and come running out, and the next thing I know I’m on the ground,” White explained to Halsne through a certified American Sign Language interpreter.

Here’s the link to Prisonmovement’s coverage.


She was attacked in her home, and called Tacoma, WA. police via video interpreting service. The service – as they always do – identified her to police as a Deaf individual. When police arrived at her home, she ran out of the house seeking their protection. They yelled “Stop,” which she, of course, couldn’t hear – so they tasered her.


Halsne discovered that when someone who doesn’t speak English is booked into the Pierce County Jail, staff calls interpreters on the phone so they can explain basic information to the new inmate like charges, medical needs and the time of their initial court date.

Deaf inmates don’t get that same courtesy because the jail does not have a video phone which allows for sign language communications.

Now, unfortunate though it may be, I do understand their actions. Police are faced with life and death situations every day. They often don’t have the luxury of being able to use judgement beyond survival instinct. What I don’t get however, is how they can then lock her up, without an interpreter, for 3 full days.


Prisonmovement’s Weblog is – as most of you already know – one of our favorite sites, and they did an excellent job with this post. Please click on the above link and learn more.


English: A Video Relay Service session, where ...

English: A Video Relay Service session, where a Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing or Speech-Impaired individual can communicate with a hearing person via a Video Interpreter (a Sign Language interpreter), using a videophone or similar video telecommunication unit. The hearing person with whom the Video Interpreter is also communicating can not be seen in the photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Two Al Jazeera TV Videos from Pat Bliss

The first, from June of 2010 concerns itself with the elderly in prison.

The second addresses the mentally ill in America’s prisons. It was originally posted in December of 2009.

BitcoDavid has asked me to convey his apologies, but due to the fact that these videos are the intellectual property of Al Jazeera TV, and are delivered via YouTube, he was unable to caption them. He said that he knows he promised to caption all videos, but in some cases it is just not possible.

Deaf Culture Behind Bars – the Book

Here’s the cover photo courtesy of, where you can also go to order it.

Well, since I spent all weekend fixing server disasters, only to discover that they weren’t fixed, I thought I’d talk about two archaic medieval commodities that you may remember – if you search the darkest recesses of your mind.

The U.S. Mail, and books. You remember books, right? They were like really long tweets only made out of paper.

So, today I received via the U.S. mail, a book. That’s right. The Pony Express rider brought a dead tree – right to my front door. After Jack scared him off, I was able to open the package and enjoy its contents.

The book is called Deaf Culture Behind Bars: Signs and Stories of a Texas Population. It is written by someone with whom we are quite familiar – thanks in no small part to our contributor Jean F. AndrewsKatrina R. Miller. The forward is by our own McCay Vernon. It was sent to me via this antiquated method, by Joanne Greenberg – our site’s owner and publisher.

You can order it from

Now, having just received it today, I’m not really in a position to offer you a qualitative review, but having flipped through it, I find it to be informative, interactive and even somewhat humorous.

There’s a section where Dr. Andrews shows you all the signs you’d need to know, should you find yourself a guest of the state. For example, I now know the proper sign for Ad-seg.

I also found a section dealing with substance abuse amongst the Deaf. There are even a few first hand accounts of life behind bars as experienced by Deaf offenders.

Beautiful Daguerreotype of an old Pony Express rider. Image:

All in all, I can’t wait to start devouring this book. I think it will help me as I write for you on this site, and it will contribute to my overall understanding of this complex and difficult subject.

Poor Kim C*****

Yesterday, we posted a reblog from LipreadingMom about a Deaf child whose school refused to let him sign. That led to a conversation about mainstreaming, and I was reminded of a piece I did for school.


Hydrocephalus (historic image from Hess, 1922)
This is a defect of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow, leading to enlarged ventricles and head, separated skull cranial sutures and fontanelles. Obstruction of CSF flow can occur at any time (prenatally or postnatally) and leads to accumulation within the ventricles. The time of onset will have different effects and should be compared to the equivalent neurological events that are occurring.
Ventricular obstruction usually occurs at the level of the cerebral aqueduct (narrowest site), but can occur elsewhere, and can be caused by viral infection.
Image by

Poor Kim C*****, her curse was not her dim brain, struggling to crank out a 60 IQ. Her curse was to be born into a cultural system that prizes beauty above all else, a place where mediocre normalcy is inviolate, and difference despised.

In 1967, the state of Colorado decided to enter into a program for public education, known as Mainstreaming. Kim C***** was taken from the security of her special school, and thrown, unceremoniously into a den of wolves.

Kim was born with a congenital condition – Hydrocephalus, water on the brain.

A pall of silence fell over the school bus, on that first day, as we all watched this drooling creature with a head like a space alien, waddle on, and try in vain to find someone who would allow her the common decency of a seat. The murmurs and whispers were only occasionally punctuated with a cry of “cooties.”

She bounced from bench to bench, like the steel ball in an arcade game – eventually lighting on an empty place at the back. This seat would come to be hers, ever after. The object of stares and ridicule, she’d sit there and drool, her vacuous head wobbling back and forth, alone and friendless.

In my mind, her days must have been the agonies of Sisyphus. Hers was a daily struggle to find some of the milk of Human kindness that the rest of us take, so much for granted. Nevertheless, I would be wrong in that assessment. Kim C*****’s curse was also a blessing. Within her fog shrouded brain, where the synapses moved like motor oil, she was happy.

In our gale force drive to find only beauty in our world, we inadvertently brought out our own inner ugliness. In the end, Kim C***** was the beautiful one.


I can address mainstreaming from a unique perspective. That of being a normal kid. There are few things in life of which I am as ashamed, as the way I – and my friends – treated the mainstreamed kids that were brought into our school.

We called them speds and retards. We would dare each other to touch them. We would get up and move when they came to sit with us. We would trick them into doing things that would get them in trouble. Some of us would even beat them up.

One fears that which one doesn’t understand – and the reaction to fear is intolerance and violence. If I could find Kim C***** now, I’d try and apologize to her for the inhumanity with which I treated her, but that is not possible.

In short, I wouldn’t wish mainstreaming on any kid. School is hateful, bitter and painful enough for those kids who don’t have the added challenge of being different.

But, perhaps things have changed in the 40 odd years since then.

I would only hope that today’s kids are a little smarter, raised a little better, educated and prepared a little better. I would hope that I never again, see a normal kid torturing or teasing a kid like Kim C*****.

Originally posted on Lipreading Mom:

I was shocked to read that a 3-year-old boy in Nebraska has been denied the right to use his sign language name at school.

Below is the entire article by Steve Ross with It is Lipreading Mom’s conviction that children with deafness or hearing loss should be allowed to use the communication method that works best for them in school. In this young boy’s situation, his first language is See Exact English (SEE). Yet the right to communicate his name with sign has been denied him.

What are your thoughts?

Grand Island Preschooler Forbidden Sign Language for His Own Name

Hunter Spanjer says his name with a certain special hand gesture, but at just three and a half years old, he may have to change it.

“He’s deaf, and his name sign, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy,” explained Hunter’s father, Brian Spanjer.

Grand Island’s “Weapons…

View original 242 more words

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